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  • New lending partners join the industry leading Payout Services program
    We're excited to announce the following new lenders to Payout Services:
    • Haventree Bank – Launching October 16, 2023
    Moving forward, all requests for payout statements, discharges or transfers for these lenders should be submitted through the portal.Click here for the list of participating lenders.

  • New! Deal Protection Endorsement now available for commercial transactions valued over $5 million
    Get more protection on your clients’ purchase and financing transactions. Already available for residential transactions and commercial transactions valued up to $5 million, starting on June 19, 2023, the Deal Protection Endorsement is also available for commercial transactions valued over $5 million (coverage is limited to $5 million).
    Visit moreprotection.fct.ca to sign up to add this coverage to all your commercial and residential orders or call us to learn more.

  • Beware of title fraud
    There is a serious increasing trend developing, where scammers are impersonating the owners in order to take possession of the home without the owner’s knowledge. Your existing homeowner clients can get coverage for title fraud, and much more with an Existing Homeowner. Here’s a 3-step guide on how you can order this coverage.

    Raise awareness with your clientele by providing them valuable information on the risks they are facing and the benefits of title insurance. Download letter samples here.

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